Vehicle Options: Bedford MJ

I’ve always liked the old Bedford trucks. They are hard-working, simple beasts (I guess we have a lot on common).

The older Bedford trucks don’t have the power or strength to do the trip in question (without me worrying all of the time…), but the MJ has that little extra power over the earlier MK and it’s predecessors. They are simple (no electronics) and have a good proven track record in military service.

I have some pros and cons listed – and this list will be updated as and when new things are discovered – or if anyone out there has anything that they’d like to add – and I’d really appreciate that help.


  • Simple to operate.
  • 15 – 20 mpg on a long trip. (The TM only does about 10 mpg…)
  • 4×4
  • Winch option.
  • Currently spares are not a problem.
  • Reasonable price – but rising fast. You could get a good one for £2000 in 2007. Now you are looking at £5-6000.
  • Basic kit – Less to go wrong.
  • Wealth of knowledge on the internet. (e.g: Buyers tips)
  • Tough as old leather. Proven in the battlefield.
  • I’ve always liked them… Yeah, the heart needs to be ignored…


  • Becoming harder to find.
  • Spares availability is finite at present.
  • Concerns over registering and modifications to make civilian road legal.
  • Prices going up.
  • No power steering (can cause fatigue over a long journey).
  • Only a 2 seater (up front).
  • Small cab.
  • Load size.
  • Tricky engine access. No tilt cab.



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