The List

A spitball list of things that need attention for Operation Arctic Viking.

This will grow & change shape as we add more things. Where possible they’ll also become tags in posts, so you can search for blog entries about them.

  • Getting there
    • Pathfinder
      • Chris to take Alex, pets and essentials in a Transit type van (Telemachus) ahead of shipping containers/Bedford MJ (Ulysses)
    • Shipping containers
  • Transport
    • Land Rover (Frank)
      • Tow, drive or shipping container.
      • Tow – Dolly behind Ulysses. Remove rear half shafts. *No need. Select 2WD & put all selectors in neutral*
  • TRUCKS!!! – See Vehicle Overview.
    • Bedford MJ option
      • LGV licences
        • Circa £1000 for practical & theory.
          • £2000 if going with articulated (possible worthwhile for driving jobs)
      • Ro-Ro commercial ferry to Gothenburg
      • Shipping container on rear
    • Transit with pets option
  • House
  • Jobs
    • Lorry driving (for both Chris and myself)
    • Quality Engineering
    • Production Engineering
    • Food Industry
    • Equine
  • Education
    • School for Alex
    • Languages for Chris and myself
  • Pets
    • Passports for cats and dogs
    • Gregory the Crow – To stay and live in England
      • Raven Haven or to cousin Wendy
  • Shooting clubs
    • How to transport rifles
    • Swedish legalities
    • Local clubs
    • Hunting licence
  • Banking
    • Setting up an account ahead of moving
    • Mortgages
    • Clear UK accounts
  • Health care
  • Food
  • Law
  • UK House
    • Sell
    • Lease

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